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"Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things"

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Jane Bluestocking
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ancient history, anthropological anecdotes, art deco, astronomy, c.s. lewis, children's fantasy, dialogue, dorothy sayers, edward hopper, fan fiction, fantasy, folk music, genre fiction, glittering genre cliches, gossip, great art forgeries, heroes, illustration, interior design, j.r.r. tolkien, james thurber, jane austen, johannes vermeer, military history, science fiction, scriptwriting, shameless pop, slash, sumerian myths and history, the producers, the tale of genji, w.b. yeats, women's erotica
This journal is a mixed bag -- there'll be entries about books, television shows, writing, life, politics, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Occasionally I'll post fan fiction, but my life doesn't allow a lot of time for that, so keep those expectations low. If you want to sample the goods before committing, I've got a fair variety of entries listed under "Memories."

I see the "friends list" as more of a reading list, though I've certainly made friends here. Feel free to friend me at will, no permission needed. I'm disorganized in my own friending, so if I don't friend back, don't assume I don't like you. I probably haven't been able to pull the ragged threads of my life together long enough to check out your journal. Or I may have mistakenly assumed I already friended your journal, long ago. If you think I'm not capable of making errors like that, we haven't spent a lot of time together.

If you de-friend this journal, I won't be offended, and will probably go right on reading your journal if I find it interesting.

I love to read comments but I'm disorganized in my replies. Truthfully, I'd prefer that LJ be set up in a non-threaded discussion system, so that people don't feel personally dissed when every remark doesn't have a response under it; I like the discussion model of communication, rather than the more private, repetitive, paired comment/reply. But not everyone feels that way, so I try to make an effort to respond. Unfortunately, even when there's a hot discussion going on that I'd really like to continue, life and health will get in my way. What does this mean? Sometimes you'll hear from me weeks or months later, and sometimes I just lose track. I can only ask you to believe that I do my best, and that I value every comment. Especially the feedback, which gets me through some long nights.
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